Career Wisdom 4 You Series Session#11 ft. Neeta Sreekanth

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Career Wisdom 4 You Series Mission: To serve invaluable insider wisdom to college students across the globe as they work towards having an impactful & healthy career.  

Featured Guest For Wisdom Session #11: Neeta Sreekanth, Chief Operating Officer at INFLCR. Previously worked at IGN Entertainment, ESPN, and for the Dallas Cowboys.

(Disclaimer: The expressed opinions below are solely Neeta Sreekanth’s and not of INFLCR or former employers.)


Question 1: What do you enjoy most about your current role & career overall?

I enjoy being able to build a model for the future of college sports, work directly with coaches and athletes on improving their digital brand and laying the foundation for the next generation of content consumption. Through the ups and downs of my career, I’ve never felt as if it was a job. I have always approached my role as … if you’re not having fun, life is too short to.

Question 2: How should students best maximize their internships?

During your internships, networking is the most crucial way to maximize your time. Don’t network with the intent of a transactional relationship. Develop a meaningful relationship with the person. Ask them about their own journey, show an interest in them as a person, talk about the challenges they’ve overcome and what are the ways they’ve been able to disconnect. Be a human.


Question 3: What skills and personal characteristics do you feel contribute most to success in your industry?

Passion and a thirst for knowledge. The education cycle does not end when you leave school. You need to continue learning and expanding your knowledge base. The key to it, is finding something you are passionate about and letting that be your north star.


Question 4: What are the biggest early-career mistakes to avoid?

Don’t be so focused on the short-term. Play the long-game. What is your ultimate goal? Where do you want to be in the next 20 years? What is the path you believe you need to take, to get there? Have a plan and execute it.