2021 Internship Showcase Series: ViacomCBS

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Here at Interns 2 Pros, we wholeheartedly believe that internships are truly vital on a plethora of levels. Connecting diverse, hungry, talented, and underrepresented students with ultra-quality companies will always remain a core focus for us. 

Our 2021 Internship Showcase Series will feature phenomenal organizations who implement invaluable & impactful internship programs across the United States. Be sure to apply before their respective deadlines and fully maximize the internship if given the opportunity. We wish you the very best as always! 

Today, we feature a truly phenomenal company… ViacomCBS! Their internship program has won numerous awards including our 2020 Internship Program of the Year Award for the New York City Region. Here’s some great info directly from the excellent team at ViacomCBS!


About ViacomCBS: 

“ViacomCBS is home to premier entertainment brands that connect with audiences in every age group on various platforms across the world. We deliver content to audiences across traditional and emerging platforms worldwide. Through television, streaming and digital content, studio production, publishing, live events, merchandise and more. At ViacomCBS, we have over 300 channels across 180 countries with feeds in 44 different languages and 4.3 billion subscribers.”


Types of Internships Available:  

“ViacomCBS has spring, summer, and fall internships within our various functions, brands, and locations. Everything ranging from Sales, Research, Marketing, Technology, Finance, Programming, Development, Communications and more.”


Why you should pursue an internship at ViacomCBS: 

“We want candidates to know that there is a career path at ViacomCBS for students. The Campus to Career team not only oversees the internship program but we also support a variety of post-grad programs as well as partner with our staff recruiters on pipelining those that come out of these programs into jobs. Our goal for our top-performing interns is to funnel them into other opportunities at the company.”

“Our Campus to Career Programs focus on pillars that are designed to complement the day to day work taking place in respective departments. Below are some examples of the types of programming we facilitate throughout the internship:

*Speaker series with industry experts

*Unique networking opportunities

*Workshops on crafting your resume, nailing interviews and career strategy

*Group mentorship, volunteer opportunities, on-the-job learning and so much more”


How to Apply & Deadline:

“Students can apply right now for our summer 2021 internships: https://viacomcbs.careers/internships/new-jobs/ 

Deadlines for the summer application are 1/31/21.”


ViacomCBS Insider Tip:

“We are looking for students that are passionate about the media industry and more specifically ViacomCBS brands. Make sure to highlight your most relevant experience on your resume and do your homework on the company prior to your interview. What you do in your free time is just as important to us as your coursework – so show off your extracurricular involvement and community service!”

“Avoid typos, paragraph format and too much blank space on your resume. Always keep your resume to 1 page only. And don’t tell your interviewer that you’re not familiar with our content because you don’t watch TV.”