Career Wisdom 4 You Series Session 2: Insight from Chuck Swirsky

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Career Wisdom 4 You Series Mission: To serve invaluable insider-wisdom to college students across the globe as they work towards having an impactful & healthy career.  

Featured Guest For Wisdom Session #2: Chuck Swirsky, Play by Play Announcer at Chicago Bulls, Formerly of the Toronto Raptors

(Disclaimer: The expressed opinions below are solely Chuck Swirsky’s and not of the Chicago Bulls or his past employers.)


Question 1: What do you enjoy most about your current role & career overall?

I love meeting new people and love the non-stop action of broadcasting live events. I love basketball fact, the game itself is a beautiful thing.


 Question 2: How should students best maximize their internships?

Internships are a valuable platform to listen, learn, and ask questions. Take direction and do whatever it takes to enhance your personal portfolio.


Question 3: What skills and personal characteristics do you feel contribute most to success in your industry?

People skills and handling stress are extremely important. Everything won’t go smoothly so be prepared for “bumps in the road.” Character, integrity, kindness, humility and gratitude are vital elements that are required in our business. One must have a solid skillset, no question about it. The bottom line is you have to have a base of talent.


 Question 4: What are the biggest early-career mistakes to avoid?

Enjoy the moment and focus on the job you have- NOT on the job you want. Stay locked in and improve every single day.


Bonus Wisdom: What final piece of advice do you have for students?

Be yourself. Be you. Plain and simple. Be you. We all pick up things but the bottom line is that we are all unique and have our set of strengths. Be comfortable who you are.