Key to Finding 1st Job After College… Multiple Internships

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Every year, many students rush last minute to find an internship, so they can get the required credit to graduate. However, if this is the case, their chances for landing a job in their industry upon graduating is slim to none, unfortunately. On the opposite end of the spectrum, completing three to four internships before graduation drastically improves the odds of being hired soon after college. Several recent studies confirm this theory.

So why should students do as many internships as possible before graduation? These programs are so much more than a few college credits. Internships are the all-important first-impressions for both the interns and employers. Students learn what they’re good at, the skills they need refinement in, participate in invaluable networking opportunities, and the chance to showcase the value they can add to that respective brand daily. Also, interns can get an authentic look at how that company is to work for. Applying to companies where there is a true fit into that brand’s culture is critical for sustained career success.

So how can students accomplish this? I would recommend that students begin doing internships after their freshman year in college. Write a comprehensive list and rank of all of the companies they’d like to consider working for after graduation, research the details of their internship programs, then be sure to apply by the application deadline.

Being well-positioned in the initial job search is paramount. Multiple internships that have been optimized are the gateway to accomplishing the primary goal of going to college in the first place… successful employment.